At Movement for Change, our mission is to increase awareness of community issues that affect the educational, economic, and social well-being of each citizen of Northwest Florida. We provide advocacy for those citizens deprived of fairness and equitable treatment within the community.

Established in April, 2002, the Center for Social Justice providesĀ a visible location for Movement for Change as we work collaboratively with people in our community and other organizations.

It is the vision of Movement for Change to …

  • Foster principles of equal rights and opportunities for all Americans
  • Promote public awareness of issues
  • Address issues of concern with all law enforcement agencies, as well as, the judicial system
  • Take action on specific issues of local importance
  • Cooperate with other persons and organization to achieve mutual goals
  • Improve the disparitites in education
  • Hold all elected officials accountable
  • Encourage economic empowerment throughout the community

Movement for Change is guided by the following principles:

  • Have mutual respect for all persons, including respect for differences, while promoting unity
  • Accomplish our mission through teamwork
  • Display dignity and professionalism
  • Encourage maximum personal development
  • Expect collective work on issues through open discussion, before decisions are made